Maya B. (Maya B. Krähenmann)

I am an artist currently living with my dear partner in Brittany, France.

I lived my life from adventure to adventure on different parts of the globe in search of truth and freedom and to find my ideal partner. Often my friends advised me to write my memoirs. Lawrence Dahl, a writer whom I met in the south of France, and I, became good friends. We met frequently in the Hotel Luxembourg in Lezignan and he took notes of my experiences and wanted to write a book about my life. He then met a woman from the U.S.A. and the happy pair moved to the United States. Before he left, he told me that I owed it to the world to share my memories, and that I should write my autobiography. I replied that I would do so when I was older since I still had some more intensive living in front of me, before I would be ready.

Thanks to Lawrence’s encouragement I started to write my autobiography in 2007 and it took me three years to complete it. The book is a true account of the events of my life as I remember them. Others may have a differing viewpoint. I hope that you will enjoy reading my life story as much as I did both living it and writing about it.