cover1Maya B.’s autobiography ‘Not a Boring Moment’ is now released!
This is the biography of Maya B., a beautiful, young Swiss whose longing to escape the restraints of her straight-laced homeland set her on a global quest for love, freedom and adventure. Like many, she tried young marriage and motherhood, but that gave way to the call of the sea and six years of exploring the South Pacific, the deserts of Australia and the jungles of India.

It was a time of women’s liberation, awareness and self-expression. Maya became an artist, studied ballet, karate and flying. She threw herself fully into the New Age and got involved with every kind of man from artists to sea captains looking for the perfect match.

Not every adventure ended well. She was sometimes homeless, searching for food in the trash.  Her rebellious nature resulted in trouble with the law, and her fearlessness led to brushes with death from drowning at sea to being beaten and gang-raped by foreign legionnaires.

After fifty years of adventure and of adversity, Maya remains strong, outspoken and optimistic. She continues to fight for artistic and personal freedom. Her book is a poignant statement about survival, following your dreams, the complexity of human nature and relationships, and the importance of empathy for our fellow travelers on the road of life.

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